Sleep Gummies
Sleep Gummies
Sleep Gummies
Sleep Gummies

Sleep Gummies


Get a full night of rest and wake up feeling refreshed with this tasty treat just before bed. This unique blend of CBD, CBN, and chamomile is formulated to help both your mind and body relax so that you get consistent sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

  • 25mg of CBD per gummy
  • 10mg of CBN per gummy
  • 30 ct
  • Tropical Punch Flavor
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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Sleep better through the night

I’ve used these for about 2 weeks and seem to fall back asleep more easily when I get up at 2:30/3 to use the bathroom. Some nights I slept until after 5, which is a miracle for me!

John M
Great. Have trouble sleeping

I have trouble sleeping but with these gummies one at night it"s lights out. Say hi to the Orange guy.

They work!

I have a moderate sleeping problem. 3 to 4 days a week I just wake up at 2,230, or 3 in the morning. I am awake for 3+ hours but then get tired again right before work. I got these and they really work like advertised. Taste fine, you fall asleep fast, you stay asleep, and you don't wake up feeling that foggy feeling. I only take a half each night because I get up pretty early and it's perfect. Thanks for the help JP.

I Was So Hopeful!!

I would love to say that these were effective for me, but they just aren’t. I’m still waking up frequently, and up for good around 2am. Been taking them for 8 days so far, and will keep taking til the bottle is gone, continuing to hope!


I'm super thankful you had a trial pack of the sleep gummies - this is one of the reasons I've hesitated trying them from other businesses. I'm not paying $40+ if it might work.

Your gummies have been doing the trick, and I've begun REM sleep again WITH dreams!


What an amazing improvment! We are so happy to hear how these gummies have helped your sleep improve! Its great to try a product and see how it works for you and I hope we can help more in the future. We have lots of CBD products for sleep pain and pet health and love to hear how these items help our customers!