Founder and comedian JP Sears spent years testing different health hacks in search of products and routines that would provide a life of unhindered creativity, energy, and a full heart. In this pursuit, he tried CBD and experienced incredible results. One of the unique aspects of CBD is its ability to support what he calls the trilogy of personal power — his mind, body, and heart. CBD has since become a staple of his for restorative sleep, reduced anxiety, focused energy, and workout recovery.

"You’re only as free as your health is strong. Supporting the temple of your mind, body, and heart is key to living your best life. I hope that CBD brings you as much freedom and support as it has for me!"

- JP Sears      

The Awaken CBD Difference

At Awaken CBD we are committed to using premium-grade, organic CBD grown in the U.S.A. We are transparent about what goes into each product, and we stand by our mission to help bring you more freedom.

Organically Farmed CBD

Organic CBD is more potent and clean from harmful ingredients.

GMP Certified

We take extra steps to ensure that we are creating safe and effective products.

Rigorous Testing

Rigorously tested by real people, third-party labs, and our scientists!