Nano CBD Oil
Nano CBD Oil
Nano CBD Oil
Nano CBD Oil

Nano CBD Oil


Our Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil is great for anyone new to CBD. This gentle tincture helps to provide relief, melts away stress, calms a busy mind and many other versatile benefits. 

  • 600mg
  • 1oz/30ml
  • Mint flavor
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Nanotechnology reduces CBD particles so that millions of them can fit on the head of a pin. These tiny particles can now be more easily absorbed without having to be broken down.


Since our bodies are approximately 60% water, utilizing a CBD oil that is water compatible increases the ability for it to be absorbed and used by the body.


Due to its ability to absorb quickly into your body and its higher bioavailbility, water soluble CBD is more efficient at supporting your needs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mike Hayes

Really like it...easy to use

Candice Weber
Can't go without it.

Ever since I had my foot surgery I've had to take Tylenol daily and that barley takes the edge off my pain and now with having found Awaken CBD nano CBD oil I can be on my feet longer and do so much more without being in so much pain everyday.
Thanks so much JP your products are absolutely life changing.

We are so glad to hear how this is helping you manage pain after your surgery! Sometimes things like tylenol don't do it for pain management, and CBD can be that support you're looking for and we are happy you found it! Maybe try the sleep gummies if you're needing any sleep support while healing from surgery. Thank you for your support and we hope we can continue to help you on your healing journey!

CBD nano oil

The nano CBD oil works well -- I spritz 4x into my mouth under my tongue every morning (and wait 30 seconds before drinking water or eating anything), and then I chew 1 regular CBD gummy at night.

High Quality CBD

As a medicinal weed consumer and with familiarity with a broad range of Hemp products I feel this is one of the best of CBD products I have used. Some may expect similar effect as with THC or HHC products and because of that don’t seem to notice the effects of CBD. I recommend using this product for atleast 3 weeks then take a break to really start noticing the difference

GayLynn Fisher
Not sure!

I have used it 4-5 times since it came. I haven’t noticed great relaxation or anything that stood out as helpful. The taste is pretty pungent. Probably wouldn’t buy again.